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Welcome to the pleasure dome.. This is my home away from home. My sanctuary to share my alta/world. I mainly post pictures from that public forum, known as the internet, of all the things I like. Expect lots of eye candy, (the likes of Marilyn Manson, BRAD DOURIF (Yes, I am a DERFLER, and I'm proud of it), Tim Skold, John 5, Rob Zombie, Peter Steele, & Spider One), and other things that tickle my fancy. Don't be surprised if a random pug or cat photo pops in from time to time (since in real life, I have 5 pugs and 3 cats). Want 2 know more- read the about me page. Love and kisses, kiddies!

DISCLAIMER: © All copyrighted materials posted on this personal blog are for the sole purposes of providing visual representation of my interests. All rights are reserved and respected to their original copyright owners. No copyright infringement of any kind is intended. What's yours is yours- I just want to share it with others who like what I like.


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